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how much vitamin d do we really need?
december 2018

We know this vitamin as the β€œsunshine vitamin” but did you know that you may need to supplement it all year long? Read more about how much Vitamin D you may need.

the darkside of sleep debt
january 2019

Do you know the consequences of incurring a long term sleep debt? Read more about how lack of sleep can affect your mental well being and tips on how you can improve your quality of sleep.

Breathe easily
february 2019

Struggling with sinus congestion, headaches and that awful pressure behind the eyes? This article is all about sinus health and how you can reduce inflammation in your sinuses, so you can breathe more clearly.


How Can A Holistic Nutritionist Help?

A Holistic Nutritionist is there to help educate and empower their clients to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle and help them to achieve their health goals.

Instead of just focusing on one aspect of the person or recommending one specific diet or approach for all, a Holistic Nutritionist will evaluate an individual's health history, current lifestyle, emotional state and stress levels, as well as their current diet habits, to determine the root cause of their health issues.

After a thorough assessment of their current diet and lifestyle, and the imbalances that are causing health issues have been identified, an individual health plan is created to help improve their health and bring balance back into their life. 


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